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This blog is made for all of you who are interrested into designing on computers. Here I will post my own best desktop's designs I have composed on Gnome (a Linux desktop I'm running on Linux Ubuntu).
Mac OS X and Windows Vista have both wonderfulls designs to me, but their problem is that you can't change them !!! So I've installed Linux, the best free operating system, which allows you to change its design just as you feel it. Now, I'm able to change the startup's loading screen, the login screen, the theme and icons and window borders, everything !!!

I do not create themes for Linux ; all the designs on this blog usually are an arrangement I made of themes, icons.. that are free and downloadable by clicking on the download link, in the Details lists ! Every elements of my designs presented here are totally free, as the programs and the Linux OS.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Design n°3 : Vistac OS X

Vistac OS X

Microsoft Windows Vista has a wonderfull design, just as Mac OS X has . I really love them, especially the Apple design. When I first tried to personnalize my Linux I tried to make it look ing like Vista or Mac OS X. Then I decided to leave those designs which are actually just clones and I began to modify some stuff and created this theme, an original mix of Vista and Mac OS X. This theme is really pleasant, I regullary use it and it doesn't tire at all.

Details :


Anonymous said...

Beautiful UI designs, especially your first "Elagance" post. Amazing if you consider that all of it is free!

I have also a question.... if I want migrate, is it possible to run Adobe CS3 apps or Corel Painter under Wine with Compiz Fusion enabled?

tux68 said...

Thank you very much :)

About Adobe CS3, I don't really know. I don't use wine, but I searched in the Wine Application Database and it seems to have a lot of bugs, check yourself too. However, it may not be a problem and you can install Linux though, because you could run Adobe CS3 on Windows (with a dual-boot system or on a virtual machine). You may also try some Linux applications, like The Gimp, which is a free and open-source equivalent of Photoshop, for Linux. Here is its website : http://www.gimp.org/

Anonymous said...

Just installed Ubuntu Studio on my laptop, its just amazing! All the effects are working and its 10x faster than anything Ive seen on OSX or Vista. Absolutely stunning technology

Can you tell me how you managed to get transparent dropdown menus and the upper pannel with this theme?

tux68 said...

Hi jenya ! Sorry for the late, I had a problem with the CompizConfig Settings Manager which didn't open anymore and I had no time to resolve it. But now it's done and I can answer you ^^. You wanted to know how to get a transparent dropdown menus and the upper pannel with this theme. Well you have to go in the CompizConfig Settings Manager (System->Preferences->Advanced Desktop Effects Settings), then General Options, Opacity Settings and add the following value :

Opacity windows : (type=DropdownMenu | Menu | PopupMenu)
Opacity window values : 85

Enjoy !

P.S : if you don't have the Advanced Desktop Effects Settings, enter this code in the console :
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-extra
This will also install if you haven't them already some extra plugins which are very nice)

Tom said...

Congrats for your nice designs !
I've just tested the OSx/Vista design and it looks pretty much cool !
But I'm fighting to find how to get transparency for my windows, as in your screenshots.
Could you help me with that ?
Thx !

tux68 said...

Hi ! I'm not sure I understood what you're meaning by getting transparency for your windows. Mine have 100% opacity except for the console window. To get the console transparent, go to Edit->Preferences->New. Enter a name and check if it is based on the Default profile. Then in the new window, go to Effects, check Transparent Background and set the opacity as you want. You might enjoy editing some others options, such as the font used in the console ;)

I'm gonna one of these days to publish some informations about my Compiz Fusion config ^^

Tom said...

Thanks for your quick answer ;)
My problem is solved :).
Indeed, the transparency is a consequence of the "window-focus" with beryl.
At first, I thought it was possible to control windows opacity with beryl, that's why I was asking this.
Anyway, thanks again.

tux68 said...

Your welcome !

I just wanted to add 2 things :
first, you shouldn't use beryl anymore, it isn't used anymore for monthes because it was fusionned with Compiz-Fusion which is a much more powerfull and beautiful 3D desktop ! It is integrated by default to Ubuntu, just go to System->Preferences->Appearance->Visual Effects.
Then, you actually can control windows opacity with Compiz-Fusion or Beryl, go to General Options in the CompizConfig Settings Manager, then Opacity Settings and set the parameters you want !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help, Tux68! It worked!

tux68 said...

your welcome ;)