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This blog is made for all of you who are interrested into designing on computers. Here I will post my own best desktop's designs I have composed on Gnome (a Linux desktop I'm running on Linux Ubuntu).
Mac OS X and Windows Vista have both wonderfulls designs to me, but their problem is that you can't change them !!! So I've installed Linux, the best free operating system, which allows you to change its design just as you feel it. Now, I'm able to change the startup's loading screen, the login screen, the theme and icons and window borders, everything !!!

I do not create themes for Linux ; all the designs on this blog usually are an arrangement I made of themes, icons.. that are free and downloadable by clicking on the download link, in the Details lists ! Every elements of my designs presented here are totally free, as the programs and the Linux OS.

Enjoy the blog !

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Design n° 4 : Noble Darkness

Noble Darkness

This design wants to be really very noble. It is a dark and brilliant theme, and has some beautiful blue and gold colors, which are perfectly contrasting with the deep and elegant black.

Details :
Note :
The argent watch is an Omega SpeedMaster 50th Anniversary Special Editions ; the picture is available here and is taken from Horlogerie-Suisse.com
The gold watch is a Rolex Yacht-Master II ; the web page you can see on the screenshot may be visited by clicking on this link, or by the Official Rolex Website


clem said...

Go on man , its pretty nice.

Maxime said...

Where do these desklets come from

tux68 said...

Actually it's not desklets it's screenlets. You can find everything you need here : http://screenlets.org/index.php/Home

Maxime said...

Thx i thouht they were gdesklets

abhinavwizkid said...

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